The Experience

I am glad you are here. This page is dedicated to explaining your boudoir session process from start to finish!

Boudoir Photography Springfield, MO

Boudoir Session Client: Hailey C


Consultations are absolutely free. On average they run between 30-45 minutes per client. This can be scheduled multiple ways. We can do them over the phone, in person, or via email whatever is easiest and fits your schedule the most. During your consultation, I will be going over different aspects of how your session will go. We also do a rundown of everything from the type of outfit choices to the location on the consultation. After we have handled all the big questions I will go over different product packages and pricing I currently have available to you so you can choose the right fit for you and your photo needs. To begin just fill out the short questionnaire on the contact form.

Neon Boudoir

Boudoir Photography Springfield, MO

Boudoir Session


At the end of your consultation with me you and I will have chosen a time and date that works best for both of us. It is easier for me to shoot on the weekends but I am also open to weekdays as well.

In order to book your dates, I do require a $599 non-refundable retainer you will pay at the time of your booking. This retainer covers your optional pre session consultation, access to the client closet, professional hair and makeup the day of your session, a 60-90 minute photo session, and of course the in person reveal which we typically schedule either the same day of your session or at a later time within the same week as the session.


Boudoir Session

Boudoir Photography Springfield, MO

Boudoir Session


I am here for you every step of the way!

The first question I am always asked is "What do I wear?" The short and sweet answer to that is whatever you feel most comfortable in. You can bring your own items or you can use my client closet I have been building for every single client I have. If you do choose to wear any of my items please make sure you bring a thong or regular panty set that closely matches your natural skin tone. I can help guide you on what to wear as well as help you set up posing ideas all the way up until the day of your session.

I even make unique Pinterest boards with clients who are interested in doing so, in order for you to give me a general idea of the types of photos you want taken. My ultimate goal is to make sure this experience is unique to you and you feel like a million dollars when you walk out of your session with me.

Shibari Boudoir

THE DAY OF- It's Session TIME!

When you arrive you will meet both myself and Heather. She is my professional hair/makeup artist. As I stated prior every single session we have includes complimentary hair and makeup!

Once you arrive you will go with Heather and we will go over the look you want (be sure to pin this to your Pinterest board as well if you opt to make one). She will spend roughly about an hour to an hour and a half prepping you for your photos. Please make sure you arrive with a clean face (no other makeup) and your hair down and dry to make it easier to style!

As you get ready I tend to sit with you as well and just get to know more about you. The things you love and what you like to do and I start to build an idea of what kind of photos I think would be best for you that may not be on the board. I try to make each session more about who you are than just beautiful photos!

Once you are prepared for your session we get to the fun part! The Experience!!! We will go to the studio and set up different options for you. We will go through the poses we have chosen together, the outfits, and we will have 60 uninterrupted minutes of hyping you up, pampering you, and just going all out to make sure you get photos that will remind you for years to come that you are perfect exactly how you are!

Boudoir Photography Springfield, MO

Cloud Set Client: Becky J

image reveal appointment

Personally, this is my favorite part. This is when you and I get to sit together and go over your images.

I love this part because I get to hear the "Is that me?" "Wow, I've never felt so beautiful before" and the "I can finally see myself the way my spouse/partner/others see me".

These are the comments I live for and why I love boudoir. We will schedule either same day reveal or we will schedule a reveal no later than 2 weeks after your session. I will present you the very best images from your photo session with me and you will decide which ones you want to keep or purchase. We also go over the collections and ala carte menu again at this time (you will also get all of this information in your welcome email once you book).

You choose what images and products are the right fit for you!

The Grand Finale- Product Orders

Boudoir is an investment in yourself and I also chose vendors I felt could best showcase that. All of my items you can purchase are high quality and meant to last a lifetime!

I want your products to be everlasting and I want you or your partner to be able to love them for years to come without the quality being negotiated as time goes on.

From albums, to wall art, to folio boxes, you are sure to love your investment for years to come!