What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography has become very popular over the last few years but I still get this question a lot. The definition of boudoir is "a womans bedroom or private room". These photographs are meant to be sensual. Whether it be lingerie or an oversized t-shirt you feel comfortable in. We photograph all of those beautiful intimate scenes of you in all of your glory. We also do not modify bodies here. Our edits are true to form. We will touch up bruising or temporary blemishes but our goal is to show you that you are perfect as you are.

Did you hire the models on your website?

I did not. These are real life every day people just like you and I. My clients typically come in and most of them are nervous. In fact many of the faces you see on my website have told me they are not "model" material. I will tell you what I told them. Everyone, is model material. You are all beautiful and unique. I of course always ask for permission before showcasing images because client confidentiality is of the upmost importance to me.

How far in advance should I be booking a session?

We are generally booked at least 4-6 weeks in advance but sometimes even as early as a year in advance. The faster you book the better options you will have for securing your dates. There is a $599 retainer to guarantee your date on the calendar.

What are your prices?

If we're being entirely honest this is our most asked question. Your $599 retained secures your date, it covers your 90 minute session, up to 3 outfit changes, hair and makeup, client closet access, same day image reveal and ordering appointment. All of your products and digitals are purchased separately at your Ordering Session. There’s a wide range of products and packages and most importantly, NO minimum order. We only want you to buy what you love. We put our packages together with great care, based on the highest quality standards, client demand, and product availability. AND we offer flexible, no-interest payment plans. Want to see what product offerings are available at your image reveal appointment? Book a free consultation with us and we’ll send you a price menu.

When will i see my final images and how will i choose my package set up?

We have turned our boudoir business into a luxury experience. Included in that is a same day photo reveal. After your session, you will go to lunch or we will have lunch as I go through your album to choose the best images and to edit them so we can look over them together. I will sit with you to help you navigate as most clients end up with 60-90 beautifully set images to go through. We do offer side by side comparisons of similar poses to help you choose the images that are best for you. Honestly, this is our favorite part of the session to watch our clients light up and say "Is this really me?" Because it absolutely is! We love to watch you revel in your glory.

Am I able to bring someone with me to my photo session?

I hear this a lot. Sometimes we just need a hype person in our corner. We do allow up to 1 additional person to be with you at your session. We do ask that they do not interrupt the process of the session and that no phones/camera are brought into the session by you or your friend. If phones or cameras are present at your session we generally ask them to be put away. If they are not, we will stop the session at that time and no refunds will be given.

What days are you available for photo sessions?

Mondays, Wednesdays , Fridays & occasional Sundays are the days we are available for photo sessions. We do a max of 4 sessions per week and the weekend days book the fastest. So if you are looking for a weekend you may want to book as early as you can.

Can my session be confidential?

ABSOLUTELY! We know how important it is to remain confidential for our clients. We have had many clients who's images wont ever be revealed publicly. Included in your questionnaire we ask if you want your images shared or not. No, is a full answer and we respect boundaries here. If you want your images completely private we will 100% honor that. Your images also are delivered to a private album that only you will have access to.

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