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What has boudoir with Destiny Blair Photography done for you?

“Working with Destiny has been a life altering experience, she opened a door I didn't know was closed, one I needed for so long but lost throughout life's events. The amount of confidence I have from doing boudoir is more rewarding than I can gather the words to explain. Before her I was so insecure, but she made me feel so beautiful, loved, and it was all genuine. Words can not thank her enough. She was the leap I needed!”


“Working with Destiny gave me back my confidence in my body and my life. She was able to allow me to see my true beauty with her photographs! Destiny also makes you feel so comfortable!”


“When I first booked with Destiny I was super nervous. Just thinking to myself what had I got myself into. I was fresh out of a relationship and my confidence was shot. She had me laughing and made me feel comfortable from the moment we started. One of my favorite part is that she will show you photos that she takes so you can see how amazing you look and helps build that confidence during the shoot. I highly recommend her!”


“Before meeting destiny I never would have had the courage to do something like this. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin! Usually when you sign up for a boudoir shoot you know what you’re getting but Destiny was SO much more! Not only is she an amazing photographer but she is the best hype woman, an amazing friend, and will give you the means to see the absolute best of yourself! If you’ve ever thought of doing a shoot then you have to go to Destiny, you definitely will not be disappointed!”


“For years, I have despised every ounce of my being. I fell into the abyss of self hatred. I allowed my mouth to speak the most negative things ABOUT me TO me. I decided this year that I was going to focus on self love, self healing, and self empowerment. I booked a shoot with Destiny, and my entire view on myself changed. She took the time to understand my insecurities and she highlighted those in ways that I’ve never experienced. She made my self-hatred dissipate into fumes right in front of me.”


“Working with Destiny was an experience that I recommend for everyone to try. She made the entire experience fun and exciting. I felt sexy and powerful the entire time. Destiny brings out the best in people and captures it for the world to see.”