July 14, 2021

Why We Are Moving from Digitals to Prints:

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Self Love Starts Here:

I know a lot of you have been with me since I started boudoir in 2016. I also know a lot of you are new to us since we really took off at the end of 2020!

Boudoir has been a huge passion of mine since the first time I was ever asked to do one. I know my reason for loving it is because I get to watch women see themselves in a new light and with a new love for themselves.

I know what it is like to tear yourself down daily and then get a photo of yourself from someone else that you just can not help but love because you see yourself through their eyes and not your own. Your eyes are deceptive, and those eyes have learned to notice everything you would deem as a flaw.

For a long time I did digital images for my clients but we are moving away from that. And here is my reason why:

I have done a lot of self evaluation and realized most of my life's memories are on my Facebook or other social platforms instead of in an album like the images my parents took of me when I was younger.

I have been since converting all of my images to print so that I can have a hard copy in my hands of life's precious memories. Anything from my sons images and videos to even my own boudoir photos I have been getting printed and put in albums or put in frames around me.

Why? Because in 10 years, if Facebook no longer exists, I do not want to lose those precious memories to me. I want to remember these moments and have them in my hands at all times.

I want my clients to have these in his/her hand too. To have the wall art, to have the folio box, to have the album, so one day years from now they can look back at them and think "In that moment I completely loved myself. I completely realized my worth. These are memories I will cherish forever!"

Digitals are nice in a digital era, but I very much consider what I do as a form of art. I want you to cherish your artwork of you in any form that makes sense to you!

Technology may not exist some day as it does now and it is ever changing. I want you to sit at home on a hard day and open your album up and remember that you are perfect in this moment, and exactly how you are.

Memories are meant to be preserved. We have become so reliant on technology that we sometimes forget to stop and savor the experience. I want you to invest in yourself and realize your memories are ABSOLUTELY worth investing in.

I often hear clients say "I can not invest that much into myself or into images."

Honestly, think about it. How many of you invest in the newest version of your phone every few years (let's be honest we know that new technology is way more expensive). But also, how little of you invest in your memories and securing them to last you a lifetime?

All of our images and prints are made of the highest quality and set up to last you a lifetime.

I don't want my clients to look back in 15 years and think "I wish I knew what I did with those images." I would rather you know 15 years from now you have a keepsake of the times that mattered to you!

INVEST IN YOURSELF! You are worth it. You always were worth it. And you will always be worth it.

So to answer why I opted to move from digitals to prints this is why. I want you to learn to invest in you, to love you, and to really make sure that self love journey continues even years after your session is done!

It is not selfish to invest in yourself. It is healthy to remember you are worth investing in!