May 18, 2021

Brand Ambassador Overview

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is someone who represents Destiny Blair Photography Boudoir and what we embody as a group. Self- Love, Self-Empowerment, Unity, Learning to love ourselves and others as well. Being confident in your own skin. Supporting and building one another up and being able to be relatable to all men/women in every walk of life.

Hailey Coursey 2020-2021 Brand Ambassador

What is the JOB of Brand Ambassador?

Your mission.... should you choose to accept it is to empower others all day every day by sharing YOUR own beauty captured by Destiny Blair Photography. Share your self love journey with others.

A few things you MUST do/be in order to be a Brand Ambassador for Destiny Blair Photography:

  • Be active in the social groups and post daily (memes, images, group-engaging content, questions to get others involved and talking)
  • Support and Uplift Others! Men and Women we have two groups and you will need to be active in both groups. (Only the Co-Ed group for the male applicants as they are not allowed in the female page)
  • Engage with our followers and answer questions if you can if not refer them to or tag me in to comment to members.
  • You will have to be at all of the Events we host throughout your time as a Brand Ambassador for Destiny Blair Photography.
  • Promote Promos, Specials and giveaways.
  • Must be over the age of 21 to be a brand ambassador
  • ALL shapes, sizes, ethnicity and religions are welcome (This is Boudoir for EveryBody Type)
  • Must be in our VIP Co-Ed group for both men and women (Empowerment Co by Destiny Blair Photography | Facebook) (if you are a female Brand Ambassador chosen you must also be on our Ladies only page)
  • If you are selected you must add me (Destiny Blair) to your friends list on both Facebook and Instagram (to confirm your end of the contract is being held up as well as make sure I can answer and help with any questions you may have)
  • It is required that you have an Instagram account AND a Facebook account you are willing to share images on publicly
  • Must be able and willing to post in the Facebook Groups daily
  • You will be required to share your session images on YOUR PERSONAL media pages (Facebook and Instagram) Please note you can block anyone you don't want to see your images but this is not a suggestion it is a requirement in order to maintain you Brand Ambassador Status.
  • All Images have to tag "Destiny Blair Photography, LLC" in all the posts with photos we have taken from your sessions.
  • Must be able and willing to drive to your session
  • You will have to sign a full model release form
  • Be friendly and relatable
  • Must NOT use session for royalties (ex: commercial work, OnlyFans, Patreon etc) If you do this you will cease the contract and be required to pay an invoice sent to you for you sessions
  • You will be required to sign a 6 month Brand Ambassador Contract
  • You Can Not apply if you are currently on a payment plan, have defaulted on a payment plan, or if you are a photographer.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA ALLOWED (this means on the pages and your own personal page. You will be representing my company so please make sure you are not being derogatory or negative to others as I will terminate a contract to anyone not upholding the values of my company)
  • You need to be comfortable with yourself and your body, you also must be willing to be comfortable with being in photos and videos (we are running promo videos now) for the company as these will be used publicly.

Shawna Gardner 2021-2022 Brand Ambassador

(L to R) Anastacia Sedlemeyer and Hailey Coursey 2020-2021 Brand Ambassadors

What do I get for being a Brand Ambassador?

This is an excellent question and one I want to make sure is understood thoroughly.

As a Brand Ambassador for Destiny Blair Photography you will receive some amazing perks.

  • Tons of goodies (personalized pens, shirts, cups, even USB drives for your images at the end of your contract)
  • 1 FREE personal session and 1 FREE group session are included in your 6 month contract
  • You will receive 10 fully retouched images from each session
  • You will have one session the month you are chosen as a Brand Ambassador and one 3 months into the contract as well.
  • Your contract will run for 6 months
  • You will receive your own referral code for other clients.
  • You receive a 25% discount on all products offered from Destiny Blair Photography
  • Referral program: You can earn up to $1000 in products with 10 referrals!
  • You will also have access to attend any fun events or parties offered through this company for the year. .
  • ALL images you receive from me MUST be shared to Instagram and Facebook and it must tag Destiny Blair Photography, LLC. (you can not write over the images or add to the original images but you may caption then images how you wish to)
  • To make sure this is being read you will have a password on your application the password is "EveryBody Type"

Tiffany Glower 2021-2022 Ambassador


Please make sure to read this before you apply. I will know if you didn't based on questions I asked in the Brand Ambassador Submission form.

  • YOU MUST fill out an application to be considered for this position
  • You MUST have at least one day a week you can dedicate to social media in order to share your images, connect with others in the group, and help post engaging content as well
  • YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST sign a FULL model release form and you have to post images on IG and Facebook.
  • During your session you will need to be doing engaging content of your own: TikTok, FB, Instagram, Snapchat stories, Video Clips (approved by me), selfies, and basically anything else you can think of to tag when you are doing your Ambassador Sessions
  • You CAN NOT work with/share content from any other boudoir photographer during your time as a Brand Ambassador for Destiny Blair Photography. If you do it will void your contract and you will be required to pay your full session payment** for the sessions you have received with us.

**Please note: Failure to fulfill your end of this deal will result in a full session payment for my time which is $2800! This is not negotiable and you will sign a contract showing that you understand if you break the rules of this contract prior to the end of your Brand Ambassador contract you will pay that amount in full to me. I did this because I want SERIOUS inquiries only for my Brand Ambassador Program.

If You made it this far:

Being a Brand Ambassador is not necessarily for everyone and that is perfectly okay!

I want to be able to break some people out of their shells and get them to try something new.

I will only be selecting 2 males and 4 females for the end of 2021 Ambassador Program. You will start in July of 2021 and your contract will end January of 2022.

I will be going through all of the applications and making sure you answered all questions.

If you did read this you will know that there are hidden gems in here to help you fill your applications out better.

Please know that I am going to pick those I feel are best for this position based on the answers on your form! So please answer them honestly so I can make sure I am finding the right fit.

Also, if you are not picked it does not mean you won't be picked next round. So please be sure to hype up the ones who get chosen. I am looking for people who put full effort into the pages and who will be willing to publish about our content and keep up to date with it! Good Luck! I can't wait to see what Phase 2 has in store for us!

-By clicking the link to apply you are agreeing that you have read everything above before doing so.

-By Applying you understand that I am compensating your time for my time and images. Not fulfilling your side of the requirements will result in an invoice for my time!