Our Team

We are a two person team for now but will most likely be expanding as well!

Destiny, the Photographer, will do most of communication with clients before, during and after your shoot!

Heather our Hair and Makeup Artist will meet you about an hour prior to your photoshoot time to prep hair and makeup!

We will keep you laughing and make sure you have the ultimate experience!

Photographer - Destiny

From the second we start talking to the delivery of your session I will be with you every step of the way! I am dedicated to finding what makes you happy, what makes you feel your best, and finding a way to make sure you have a lot of fun while you are with me! We sit together while you are getting your hair and makeup done and discuss what you like and don't like about yourself and I will custom tailor your experience to make sure you're getting the most Amazing Photo Session of your life! Be part of the fun, the growth, the empowerment, and the self-love family!

Hair & Makeup- Heather

Our Hair and Makeup Artist Heather has been working with me since the end of 2020! She will also be speaking with me before your session so we can make sure that we are able to make your dream hair and makeup a reality. She is multifaceted and can make anything come to life. From basic wholesome makeup to cutline makeup and winged liner we have you covered!